ACMI – Australia's Centre Of Moving Image, opened doors in 2002, welcomed over 14.7 millions visitors. ACMI is closed for redevelopment and is due to reopen on April 2020. ACMI in 2020 will be providing visitors with a physical object that they can take around the entire museum to collect their favourite items. Most of what's on display can be collected and visitors will be able to see what they have collected via an online experience connected to the ACMI website.

Research Goals

ACMI like to create a great onboarding experience for this object, awareness through to first touch/collected item.

Key Research Questions

  1. 1. What are the notable behaviors, preferences, barriers, and technology which will impact the usage of the physical object.
  2. 2. Identify the needs and opportunities of the target audience.
  3. 3. Observe and understand visitors, visiting ACMI.


2.5 week case study to assess the effectiveness of the new launch of the product(Physical Object) offerings as participants used it in their natural environment. Participants are from Melbourne.

Phase 1 – Conduct competitive analysis and future threat analysis.

Phase 2 – User interviews and surveys for target demographic.

Phase 3 - Persona and Journey Map of the problem.

Phase 4 - Mock usability testing of the product.

Group Project

Team of 4

Now you know where to find us?

Competitive Analysis

Exploration and deep dive was conducted for companies in same space/ industry which believe in same ideology, that is offering a creative space to educate users. We wanted to see what they are offering to their users.

Future threat and opportunity

Technology advancement is the future threat as well as opportunity to grow. There are some exhibits out there which adopted Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality to have seamless and enjoyable experience for all. How technology can turn ACMI into a booming industry is what we discovered here.

Contextual Observation

We conducted contextual observation for 2 days at NGV and Melbourne museum to understand and observe people behaviors, emotions and how they interact out there at these places.

Guerrilla Interviews

We conducted guerrilla interviews at ACMI, Federation square mainly because of 3 reasons :

  1. 1. ACMI is located at federation square.

  2. 2. As per stats, federation square attracted 2.8 million visitors accounting 10% of all visitors to Victoria.

  3. 3. It’s most popular spaces of Melbourne.

We spoke to random 19 people around federation square.

Qualitative Survey

We’re trying to find the behavior, pattern, and the reason – Why people attend museums/exhibits?

We got total 82 responses from across the globe, age ranging between 18 – 69 years old.

Goggle form


Interview Goals

  1. We took 21 in-depth interviews to understand :
  2. 1. Why they go to such space, like museums, art exhibits?
  3. 2. What do they get out of their experience?
  4. 3. What do they think and how about ACMI? 

Affinity Map


There were groups we were able to identify all the people we talked. For the ease of understanding we broke them down placed them onto an impact effort chart.

Primary Persona

As per our impact effort chart, Children offers highest impact with minimal effort. We targeted children of two main reasons :

  1. 1. To create an initial repeat user 
  2. 2. The experience will foster a life – long love for digital media.

Journey Mapping

It is showing end – to -end process from the beginning of organizing an excursion to the end where teachers and students consolidate on what students have learnt.

We can target kids through teachers. So, teacher was our special persona.


Teachers need a way to receive educational resources from ACMI so that they can provide an effective and engaging learning experience for primary school students.

Usability Testing

Before reaching out to any suggestions or hypothesis. We thought to conduct the usability testing of the onboarding station of the product.

We conducted the testing at General Assembly with 13 users. Where we got some great insights – Check more ACMI


We believe that by reaching out to teachers with programs and resources, we will enable teachers to provide an engaging learning experience to their primary school students.

We will know this to be true when 20% of local primary schools take part in the program within a year.

Recommendations & Suggestions

  1. 1. Incursions - Hold incursions and bring the artifacts to school.
  2. 2. Outreach Programs – Educate the teachers and get them involved with children.
  3. 3. For students – Use of product as an outreach package send schools.

Next Steps..

  1. 1. Validate use of object with target audience.
  2. 2. Outreach representatives.
  3. 3. Program in-line with Victoria curriculum.
  4. 4. To set up a social platform for students.